It’s A Good Day

Do yourself a favor and listen for 2 minutes:


How can that not make you feel at least a tiny bit better about starting your week?

This was Lucy’s class tap number at recital this past spring and the girls still ask me to play it all the time. There were many obnoxious unusual songs there and I am grateful that such a happy tune is the one that we’re still singing around our house months later. I love that my (then) 18-month-old heard it so frequently that she learned all the words.

This morning Milly and I got back from walking Lucy to school in a torrential downpour. Despite the rain boots and umbrella we were both soaked. As I opened the door Milly said, “I want ‘is a good day’, Momma!”

“A mornin’ suuun…..Wise an shine tadaaay….Is a good daaay, for singin’ a soooong…”

Indeed it is.

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