The End of Summer….or an Era?

As summer is drawing to a close, I’m reflecting on what a great season we had.

Afternoons at the pool. Evenings with neighbors. Weekends with our family. Great summer concerts. Travels with friends. We topped it all off with a day at the state fair, which has to be the very best way possible to celebrate the end of summer.

And now there are just a couple of days before Lucy starts kindergarten. I’m not just saying good-bye to summer. I feel like I’m saying good-bye to being a Mom of only “little ones”. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll still be changing diapers for the foreseeable future, but having our first child getting ready to go to school sort of feels like the end of an era.

As we’ve been busy soaking up every last moment of summer, there is a lot I’m behind on. Who wants to fold laundry when there is a sprinkler to run through and there are popsicles to eat? Who wants to sort paper clutter and mail when there are friends to gather with? And now it’s catching up with me.

When I woke up this morning those chores and more were really nagging my brain and tugging at my need for some control in my mess of a house.

Thankfully a moment of grace gave me clarity to remember that my chores will still be here with me next Monday morning, however Lucy will not. She will be at “big girl kindergarten school”. The real deal. So instead of hustling and bustling through another to-do list, I enjoyed my last full Monday with Lucy at home.

I snuggled in bed with both girls this morning.

We went to the library per Lucy’s request.

The sunshine poured in as we sang in the car with the windows rolled down.

We snuggled again after lunch on the couch. I loved it when Lucy crawled into my lap.

I tried to be present with her.  Too often I’m saying “Mm-hmm” over my shoulder while I’m really focused on doing something else. Today I tried to give her my full attention when she wanted to tell me something, to show me her new dance, or her latest drawing. (She learned how to “draw the backs of heads” over the weekend.)

We ended our evening with a favorite summer dish and a story from a new library book.

It was a sweet day.

I am excited for Lucy’s school adventures and have no doubt she will thrive. My time at home during the average day may become a little more simple with only one child’s wants and needs to attend. It will be a new rhythm for our family and I’m looking forward to figuring out just what that will look like.

But I have to acknowledge how much I will miss Lucy being here with me at home. As excited as I am to watch her grow in new ways, I will miss her being one of my “little ones”.


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2 Responses to The End of Summer….or an Era?

  1. I hope this proves to be a wonderful time of transition–time with your youngest, while your daughter is at school. Sometimes it’s the realization that things are changing, that makes us that much more aware of our need to be intentional. May we live in that reality every day! Thanks for linking up!

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