Dear Daughter

You have a birthday coming up very soon but tonight you are still three.

Three. Glorious three.

Instead of Daddy doing the normal night-time routine (which you love), you said it would be okay if you and I read stories together. “Curious George Goes to the Big City” was your top choice.

We curled up and after saying prayers you let me pull you close. You actually snuggled into my arms like when you were tiny. This just doesn’t happen very often with you, my very busy preschooler. By your request several rounds of Rock a Bye Baby were sung and then one of my favorite lullabies. I can barely carry a tune. But you were falling asleep with a huge smile on your face, totally at peace with the world. Yes, you were literally basking in my love for you.

I realize these quiet moments with you are rarer now than they were and yet rarer still as you grow. Especially now that my time is divided between you and your baby sister.

I love you, dear daughter.

I kept thinking. This is a moment I want to remember.

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One Response to Dear Daughter

  1. so so sweet. i realize these moments all the time and am always so thankful for the realization. they are growing up so fast!!

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