First Days

And just like that a full week of school is finished.

There were no tears shed at our first kindergarten drop-off.

Hearts of stone? No, all Hallmark commercials and just about any other sentimental anything would indicate otherwise.

There is a high likelihood that I shed all my drop-off tears that first year Lucy was in day care (a story for another post). This time any tiny bit of sadness or nostalgia was overshadowed by Lucy’s excitement at becoming a kindergartner. I think her happiness was contagious that first day because I just could not help but feel overwhelming joy for her.

Now I look forward to her running out the doors of school each afternoon. She is usually pretty worn out, but as we hold hands and walk she is full of talk about the day. Her favorite part? Recess on the playground with a friend from another class. Worst part? Having to wait quietly in the hallway to be picked up in the afternoon. Did she eat her lunch? Yes. But was so confused to find a surprise of cookies in the bottom zipper that she didn’t eat them. (Apparently when raw carrots and apples are so frequently forced upon one, the appearance of sandwich cookies will lead to deep suspicion!)

After we get in the door at home she’ll usually flop on the couch with a big sigh.  Then there are a few minutes that she’s quiet and still. I look over and can almost see the wheels turning in her head as her brain is still processing.

I expect the novelty of school will wear off soon, but it’s been a good start to the year.

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